Hamish Gorman

The Gait Cycle Part 1: Basic Mechanics

The Gait cycle is the repetitive movement pattern seen in both walking and running. The pattern is similar except that running does not involve a double limb stance phase in the same way that walking does. The Gait cycle can be broke down into two main phases Stance and Swing.


Mum, Dad. It's your fault I'm not in the NBA.

Genetics and Sport
There have been two people that have really shaped the public debate about the role of genetics in sport over the last few years. David Epstein and Malcom Gladwell: The sports gene vs. 10 000 hours debate.

Framing the debate in a way that uses “vs.” is always going to create controversy but what role do these differing perspectives play in sports performance? Read More...

Power Testing with Green to Gold

Mountain Bike Performance Testing
As far as scientific testing goes downhill mountain bikers aren’t your usual customers and my email is hardly full of requests from downhill riders to get their power levels tested.

So when the discussion came up earlier this year with the guys from Green to Gold race development about testing their physiological characteristics I really had to go back to the drawing board and try and decide what information was going to be valuable to us. With any form of physiological testing the first thing that needs to be done is a task analysis, what is the event? How long does it last? What are the demands? What does it take to win?