Sleep and Performance

Written by Chris Hughes

Sleeping patterns play a major role in how we feel each day, but to what extent do they affect performance?

Partial Sleep Deprivation

The evidence indicates anaerobic performance in a 30 second Wingate maximal cycling test is uninhibited following partial sleep deprivation at the beginning of the night (delaying bed time), while performance decreased following deprivation at the end of the night (waking earlier). Reduced circadian rhythms combined with the increased fatigue of staying awake over a longer period of time are potential mechanisms responsible for this occurrence. Read More...

Mum, Dad. It's your fault I'm not in the NBA.

Genetics and Sport
There have been two people that have really shaped the public debate about the role of genetics in sport over the last few years. David Epstein and Malcom Gladwell: The sports gene vs. 10 000 hours debate.

Framing the debate in a way that uses “vs.” is always going to create controversy but what role do these differing perspectives play in sports performance? Read More...